Monterey Gourmet Foods

Bringing a world of flavor to your table.

All the delicious possibilities, all together in one place. Our all-natural, internationally-inspired pastas and ready meals go beyond the ordinary to offer great foods, inspired by flavors from around the world.



Versatile. Delicious. What’s not to love?

There are plenty of reasons to love Wildwood. Not only are our products incredibly satisfying, they offer a delicious selection of exceptional foods that you and your family will enjoy from breakfast to dinner, lunchtime to snack time.


Emerald Valley Kitchen

The ultimate in taste.

Whether you’re craving a delicious snack or adding a dash of flavor to your favorite dish, our organic salsas and hummus deliver a treat to your table for everyone to savor.


Cibo Naturals

Make every meal a one-of-a-kind feast.

Made fresh using all-natural ingredients, Cibo Naturals® Pesto offers spectacular flavor and texture that adds exceptional taste to a variety of dishes.

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